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Making It Possible to end Homelessness (MIPH)

Making It Possible to end Homelessness (formerly Middlesex Interfaith Partners with the Homeless) MIPH  was founded in 1987 to increase local services and resources for the homeless in Middlesex County. Initially, MIPH consisted of all volunteers who were represented by local advocates and clergy from the Middlesex County area and became a non-profit agency under the name, Middlesex Interfaith Partners with the Homeless.

Since it's inception, MIPH has operated a variety of programs: a dinner program in New Brunswick which served approximately 75 homeless individuals and families nightly; two overnight shelter programs in Temple Emanu-El in Edison, one for mentally disabled homeless individuals and one for families in eminent danger of breaking up due to lack of housing and various social service needs; and a homeless outreach center in New Brunswick for advocacy and referral services; MIPH has been heavily involved in the evolution of homeless services in the area since 1987.

As a grassroots group pushing for expanded homeless services, MIPH brought together mainstream public and private agencies through efforts to advocate for the homeless. MIPH also introduced the concept of transitional housing for families in the area.

Although MIPH is supported by many houses of worship, the primary leadership on the Board of Trustees has come from members of Emanuel, including Pastor Eaton, Guy Catapano, Lisanne Finston, Lou Marchetta and the late Don Krueckeberg. In addition MIPH has received annual financial support from Emanuel.