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Wheelchair Accessibility at Emanueloutdoor_ramp


Emanuel Lutheran Church in New Brunswick, NJ was pleased to announce in January 2000 that it is now accessible to individuals in wheelchairs. A new ramp was installed in 1999 to provide access to the main entrance of the church. An automated wheelchair lift was installed to provide access from the main entrance and narthex area to the sanctuary of the church. In addition, a special portable wheelchair lift was purchased to provide access from the main entrance hallway to the lower level social hall. Individuals in wheelchairs are able to wheel directly on to either lift and gain full access to the sanctuary or social hall of the church.


The next project undertaken was a major renovation of the bathrooms located in the social hall to provide for handicap accessibility. Bathrooms for men and women were "gutted" and rebuilt, complete with new doors, plumbing fixtures, tile and lighting -- all handicap accessible. The new bathrooms have been a tremendous asset for members of Emanuel as well as the hundreds of people who use the facilities at Emanuel for meetings and events.

The funds for these improvements are available as a result of the Campaign 120, a subsequent and ongoing Building Fund and the mortgage taken from Lutheran Brotherhood Insurance. wheelchairliftThis mortgage was taken to secure funds to make major capital improvements to the Emanuel Church facilities.  Like other buildings of this age, providing accessibility for individuals with disabilities presents many challenges. Emanuel remains committed to full accessibility.